Who are we?

Demy Schandeler s. à r. l. was founded in 1949 by Dominique Schandeler, the grandfather of today's partners Joël, Gaston and Laurent Schandeler, who are at the helm of the company. We are a family business with strong values, linked to our Luxembourg identity. Our company was built up locally over the decades, specializing in passenger transport to become a major national player. Committed to the State and City of Luxembourg, we have for many years provided a major part of the public transport sector (RGTR and AVL) and transport for people with reduced mobility (ADAPTO) in the Grand Duchy.

Demy Schandeler can count on a loyal clientele of local and cross-border residents: individuals, associations, private and public institutions.

Bus (with driver) and minibus (with or without driver) rental and shuttle services are also among our flagship activities. Our fleet of vehicles, comprising buses, coaches and minibuses, is modern and diversified. Over the years, we have built up a loyal and ever-growing customer base.

In addition to our core business in the transport sector, we are also one of Luxembourg's leading travel specialists. We now have six agencies across the country. Always on the lookout for the latest trends, our agencies offer travel by bus, plane, train or boat on all five continents. Our Group department specializes in organizing tailor-made group trips, including tours across Europe and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

In the current context of growing societal and environmental responsibilities for our entire sector, Demy Schandeler is actively committed to meeting the challenges facing its business by assessing and anticipating all kinds of risks and new developments in the short, medium and long term. Against this backdrop, we have begun the transformation of our vehicle fleet from all-diesel to electromobility.

Management Board

Portrait of Gast Schandeler

Gast Schandeler

Portrait of Laurent Schandeler

Laurent Schandeler

Portrait of Joël Schandeler

Joël Schandeler

Company history

It all began with bus lines set up to take workers to their place of work or pupils to school, thus meeting the need for public transport in Luxembourg. In the 1960s, the first organized trips abroad saw the light of day, taking tourists to the sea, the mountains or major cities. Gradually, the company grew around a core of travel pioneers.

In 1949, Dominique Schandeler, nicknamed “Demy”, took over the transport business on January 1, 1949 from his boss Camille Misch. Demy, who had over 30 years' experience in the business, was a worthy successor to run a solid transport company. At the time, Demy Cars owned two buses and served the villages of Keispelt, Meispelt, Nospelt, Capellen and Mamer, before concluding a contract with the Ministry of Transport to include the capital as well.

In the 1950s, associations and individuals began to travel, which soon gave rise to tourism. Demy Cars was thriving, and it was possible to invest in new vehicles. The number of buses in the Demy Cars fleet at the time rose to a total of 8. To ensure a suitable location for the new purchases, a new, larger garage was built close to the current facilities. Part of these old buildings is still used as a workshop today.

In 1965, after the unexpected death of founder Demy, the three brothers Aloyse, Norbert and Josy Schandeler took over the reins of the company together with their mother Catherine Schandeler. A new company was born: Demy Schandeler & Fils.

In the 70s, the company experienced strong growth. Simple offices were replaced by a two-storey building to offer better service to customers.

In 1977, Demy Cars opened the first travel agency in Luxembourg City, in collaboration with the Frisch company, to offer air, rail and cruise travel as a complement to bus travel.

In 1999, Demy Cars celebrated its 50th anniversary. At that time, the company had over 74 vehicles and 104 employees, three travel agencies, an administrative building (the head office) in Keispelt and a branch in Eischen. However, plans were underway to significantly expand the head office in line with the company's ongoing expansion. In 2008, it was the turn of the third generation to continue the success story. After many years of exceptional collaboration between fathers, uncles, cousins and sons, Joël, Gast and Laurent took over management of the 170 employees, 120 vehicles, head office and travel agencies.

In 2019, Demy Schandeler celebrated its 70th anniversary. It was a big year for the company. Two new travel agencies were opened, in La Cloche d'Or and Steinfort. The company invested heavily and built, among other things, a new administration building and a second garage with an underground parking lot.

Today, Demy Schandeler has a fleet of around 450 buses and minibuses and employs over 700 people.