Local authorities

Demy Schandeler has a long-standing relationship with many of the Grand Duchy's local authorities.

Demy Schandeler provides national and international school transport and excursions, as well as the Rufbus service for local authorities. During the Covid-19 pandemic, the company also provided the Impfbus service, linking local residents to vaccination centers.

Demy Schandeler's excellent communication and responsiveness make working with local authorities easy and efficient. The company responds to the demands of local authorities, particularly in the transition to electromobility. In this context, it has invested in new electric buses for the municipalities of Kielen, Strassen and Bertrange. The fleet of vehicles serving the communes is new and modern. In addition to the electric buses, all are equipped with combustion engines meeting Euro 6 standards.

Thanks to its constant growth, Demy Schandeler contributes to the development of local employment by hiring numerous employees from the region and neighboring municipalities. Demy Schandeler has become one of the driving forces behind the region's economy. Demy Schandeler also supports and sponsors numerous clubs and associations.