Our CSR approach

Demy Schandeler was awarded with the ESR label and published its first CSR report in 2020

In terms of corporate social and environmental responsibility, we have put in place a wide-ranging system aimed at developing a 'Committed Quality' strategic action plan, with the aim of guaranteeing the satisfaction and safety of our customers and users, supporting the local economy, job quality and social inclusion. Sustainable mobility and energy transition are also an integral part of our strategic action plan.

Fixed objectives

In the current context of growing environmental responsibility for our entire sector, Demy Schandeler is actively committed to meeting the challenges of its passenger transport business by assessing and anticipating all kinds of risks and new developments in the short, medium and long term. With this in mind, we have drawn up our first Bilan Carbone in 2020, in order to estimate our impact on the environment and set targets for reducing emissions.

Investments in electromobility

To keep pace with the transition to 100% electric mobility, Demy Schandeler has invested heavily in the gradual transformation of its fleet to electric, notably with the purchase of electric buses and charging infrastructure.

Building a new eco-responsible headquarters

Demy Schandeler took every possible measure to reduce the ecological impact of its site when constructing its new administration building and warehouse. The buildings are of energy class A+ and have numerous ecological advantages. More than 3,400 m2 of solar panels are installed on the roofs, covering a considerable proportion of electricity needs. Rainwater recovery tanks with a capacity of 80,000 l have been installed to supply the bus wash stations, which recycle the water after each use.

Close collaboration with SuperDrecksKëscht

Demy Schandeler has implemented a wide range of waste management initiatives for its transport activities, as well as in our administrative offices and travel agencies, in line with the most stringent compliance rules. Demy Schandeler has held the SDK (SuperDrecksKëscht) label for over 16 years.

A management that listens to its employees

Demy Schandeler is a family business that has grown and modernized, but still retains that typical family atmosphere, where employees are closely knit and form a real team. Demy Schandeler's management is synonymous with a climate of trust and well-being within the company.

Our ESR reports