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Demy Schandeler stands for quality services in organizing your travels. In accordance with your budget, our travel agencies will fulfil your dreams about all kind of holidays: single, family, wellness, sports or culture. Demy Schandeler is working with many of the major tour operators worldwide, and so offering to you a huge range of possibilities to organize your personal travel. Our experienced team has all the necessary skills to give you best advice and guide you safely to your dream holidays.

Esch / Alzette

20, rue de la Libération
L-4210 Esch/Alzette

Lu-Ve 09h00-18h00, Sa 10h00-16h00

(+352) 300 146-95


Shopping Centre Topaze
L-7525 Mersch

Lu-Ve 9-20 / Sa 9-19

(+352) 300 146-90


16, rue des Bains
L-1212 Luxembourg

Lu-Ve 9-18 / Sa 9-13

(+352) 300 146-87


22, rue de Kehlen
L-8295 Keispelt

Lu-Ve 8-12/13.30-17.30

(+352) 30 01 46 – 60

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